Cheryl Dockery, Chief Officer

Chief Officer

0121 748 8174

I have been the lead officer for SGOHT since 2015 but have worked in some capacity for the Pioneer Group for the past 13 years. My background is in housing but have a real interest in community development and entrepreneurism. I have lived in Birmingham all my life and have always been passionate about what this city can offer to its residents to people farther afield. In urban communities areas like Stockland Green I know that the people who live there are its greatest asset, given the opportunity will use their common sense and self- reliance to make things happen and contribute to the bigger vision encouraging their neighbours and the community to thrive.

I have been entrusted with bringing our vision of continued regeneration of Stockland Green to life by developing and delivering our plans with the help of my team, SGOHTs board and the community. The commitment and passion of a such diverse community has inspired me so much that I’ve moved into the area and am now a proud Stockland Greener!