Mary Kennedy

Partnerships and Development Officer

0121 748 8125

I’m Mary it’s my job to help local people realise that their “if only” thoughts are often achievable if we are able to work together.

For the last six years I have worked in Stockland Green. I am overwhelmed by the breadth of talent, generous spirit and willingness that lies within the local community.

By linking ideas, working with other local agencies and listening to local people, I harness the potential that there is within Stockland Green.  I can help groups come together and gain status as a community interest group, which allows that group to attract funding for their project which is something else I can help with. The variety of groups and projects I have worked with is wide ranging… from helping to form a support group for families affected by Autism to alleyway clean-up projects to restoring the island within Brookvale Park. Getting things off the ground is often difficult – most people I work with volunteer their time and have to fit things in around their families and lives, but there isn’t a working day that goes by when I fail to see at first hand, just how very kind and committed the people of Stockland Green are.